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Can You Still Explore in a Pandemic?

Yes! Here are some ways: 1) Get outside -- where it’s easy to social distance! Pull out your Exploring Austin with Kids guidebook or open the app. Then check out the Table of Contents "by interest”

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Raising Young Environmentalists

I was asked by the Parents’ Climate Community to share ideas for encouraging outdoor play and raising young environmentalists. As I started a list of tips for getting out, I thought, “Wait a minute!

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A Kid's Perspective

“How long did it take you to write the book?” I often get asked. “Four years,” I answer. The next question usually follows, “Did you go to every place you wrote about?” “Yep, and always with kids

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Austin Vacation Rentals

When traveling with kids, it’s always exciting to experience a new place. My family has found that it’s also neat to live in someone else’s home because it makes us feel more like locals than tourists

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My Editor

My ten-year old daughter thought my author bio a bit too dry (and not funny). So she spruced it up and added a bit of spice. I think she captured the essence of our family pretty well (better than I d

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